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"It’s A Soul Thing" Recap…Double D Steers the Blog

October 3, 2006

As mentioned in my Saturday post, The Official Soul Patrol hosted “It’s a Soul Thing,” an event in Mobile to benefit KidOne Transport. At the event, which was endorsed by Taylor Hicks, LMBO performed and various organizations gave donations.Present and armed with her camera, her pen and paper, and her husband, Alex, was our wonderful little Double D. She was kind enough to write up a recap of the event and to send pictures!So, take it away, DD!


“It’s A Soul Thing” Recap
Words and Photos by Double D

Ok, since you’ve all seen a thousand recaps over the last six months or so, I’ll just give you a short synopsis of our evening at The Blue Gill last night (Sept. 30).

ddandhubby.jpgSince it was Alex’s and my 17th anniversary, I had our son take a picture of us (at left) before we went out….kind of like the prom…heh.

The weather was great. We got to the place about 5:45 p.m. and there was a line but it wasn’t uncomfortable, as the temperature was around 80 degrees and there was a slight breeze coming off the delta. The Blue Gill is technically located on the Mobile River that opens up into the Tensaw Delta but that is connected to Mobile Bay. Open air deck in the back. Lots of tables and chairs. I’d estimate that there were about 300 people there. Those of you from up north, please understand that many of our restaurants here in the south are very casual. And, along the Gulf Coast many past storms are noted as is pictured at left.

We sat in the middle and our view wasn’t very good, but the sound was great. (Alex had earplugs so we were all good.) I saw a few of the Boogie Boarders sitting a few tables in front of us.

The Kid One Transport folks spoke a bit and then Ms. Joni (Taylor’s grandmother, pictured at right) got up and talked to everyone. She was introduced as “the only person here who’s changed the diapers of the American Idol.” As usual, she was just so cute. She talked about how proud Taylor was of all of the work and generosity of the Soul Patrol to support this wonderful charity and that he certainly would have loved to be there but “other work” had to be done. She ended by saying that her son had asked her, “Mother, are we going to have to pay now to see what we’ve been seeing Taylor do in your kitchen since he was three?”


Taylor’s uncle was walking through the crowd while I was taking some pictures at the Boogie Board table and was joking around with me. So I made him stop and pose for a picture with AmyH from the Boogie Board. Funny, Taylor’s got more gray than he does.

Well, as usual, LMBO was great. Brian (pictured below at right) was talking to some of the Kid One people selling raffle tickets, so I got up my nerve and went to talk with him. I gave him the “shoot. blow. holster.” T-shirt (and yes, Shelley, I actually wrote: “VIVA LA MONKBOT” in Sharpie on the inside collar.

“Oh, you’re from that site,” he said, when I gave him the shirt.

“Yes, Shelley’s site,” I replied.

“Cool. Thanks.”

He was in a hurry to get to the stage to start, but I walked with him back up to our table and we talked about Memphis. He asked me where we lived when we lived there and turns out he lived only a couple of miles from us. Very nice guy.

They played “Cocaine” by Clapton in the first set with Sam (pictured below at left) on vocals. Kewl. Sam seemed very happy.


“Feelin’ Alright,” “Will It Go ‘Round in Circles,” and other LMBO staples were included. After the first set, I went up to the front to get some pictures. I got a great video of Brian playing a song that I’ve heard but don’t know the name of, but the audio is too loud. If somebody can tell me how to upload it or to fix the sound a bit, I’ll provide it.

Mitch and Zippy (pictured below,from left to right, respectively) were having fun, too. Jeff was not there. There was a couple of guests (dunno the names) on a couple of songs.


LOTS of money was raised. Jan had $3,000 to donate from Soul Patrol Relief and the auction raised another $4,000 to $5,000. I think they estimated that just the Mobile event would be around $10,000.

lmbobmbeaux.jpgNOLASoul was there and I snapped the picture at right of her shirt…thought NOLAgirl would like to see it.

Well, a good time was had by all. We left around 11:30 p.m. I believe that they played a little more after we left, but it was over at midnight. I had pushed Alex to the proverbial limit, so I agreed to leave when he was ready. Really didn’t expect to see Taylor. I really enjoy LMBO anyway. Alex told me this morning that he had to admit that he had a good time. However, he says it was more fun watching the people than it was “about the music.” Heh.