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Romance, Drama, & Big Boobs… No, Not ‘Grey’s’…’The Office’

May 17, 2007

If I had to make my decision of what show I’d watch on Thursdays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. (CST) next season based on last night’s season finales…what show had the most romance…what show was the most entertaining…what show made me laugh and made me cry…what show had the most heart…hands down…I’d pick “The Office” over “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Talk about a season finale. Wow. It was absolutely perfect…and the writing was so wonderful.

But let me hold off on the accolades of “The Office” for a second and first get a few things off my chest about “Grey’s.”

Other than the lovely selection of Ray LaMontange songs in the soundtrack…the episode offered nothing meaningful…nothing new…nothing to give me hope. It was the same old same old. Izzy torments George with her emotional tap dance. Callie is ugly and biting and insecure and manipulative (sorry, DD). Christina wants to “cut” someone. Karev is aloof. George is the underdog. And Meredith is emotionally stunted as a human being.

The entire episode played out as a dose of Lunesta…ZZZZzzzzzz.

And to top it off…there were so many inconsistencies and gaps in the writing that I was left with a huge question mark flashing like a neon sign above my head when the credits rolled:

  • Seriously, am I honestly to believe that Meredith would turn Derrick down? (No woman has my permission to EVER turn down those beautiful Patrick Dempsey eyes and tender smile…it’s criminal to do so.)
  • Am I honestly to believe that George failed his exam…and then would quit his career over it? This is the same guy who saved a man’s life while operating on the man’s heart while the two were stuck in a broken elevator…between floors.
  • Am I honestly to believe that Karev really cares about Ava/Rebecca/Whateverhernameis? They’ve maintained a friendship at best…but I’ve never felt the first spark of romance between the two.
  • Am I honestly to believe Christina would study like a fiend for her exams but not write her vows OR that she would agree to wear that hideous choker OR that she would agree to have her eyebrows shaved OR to walk around all episode with rollers in her hair…only to wear an up-do?
  • Am I honestly to believe that Burke would call off the wedding after knowingly putting Christina through her own personal hell?
  • Am I honestly to believe that Callie would EVER be named chief resident over Bailey?
  • And am I honestly to believe that Derrick would turn down the chief’s job offer?

Total. Absolute. Nonsense.

However…on the other channel…just a half an hour earlier…

Total. Television. Magic.

I couldn’t have been more happy with “The Office” if the players had come to my house and acted the episode out in my living…well…maybe.

It is now a requirement of every Monkbot to watch “The Office.” As a matter of fact, I demand that each of you buy or rent all previous episodes and catch up on what you’ve missed. The show…even at its one of the best shows on television.

First and foremost…the haircut.

Now, I think you all know by now how I feel about John Krasinski. The guy is absolute adorableness wrapped in a sexy smile and lanky frame. He has worn the messy “bed head” hairdo with an aplomb that few could have mastered. I think we learned quite clearly the special person it takes to “work” such a hairdo when Dwight recently gave his not-so-spot-on Jim Halpert impersonation.

However…when Jim “Big Haircut” Halpert walked in with his new haircut (which is really closer to how Mr. Krasinski wears his hair in real life…as pictured atop this post)…I almost choked on the Cadbury chocolate I was eating (thanks, Rowan). Very sexy. Very nice.

Meanwhile, Pam was literally glowing for the entire episode (our poor, sweet Jenna Fischer…I pray she recovers fully from her back injury). I LOVE assertive Pam…especially when she told Karen, “I really hope you get the job.” She totally held her own with Dwight when he temporarily took over the office and named her his secret assistant to the regional manager. She stood her ground against Karen…who not only called her a bitch behind her back…but who had some serious “Callie” tendencies last night (insecurity is soooo not attractive).

I believed Assertive Pam when she said she was not embarrassed about last week’s outburst…and handled herself so well with the good-natured ribbing of her co-workers. And I really believed her when she said she was going to be okay with however things worked out between she and Jim. That’s what she needed. That’s what we all needed.

Another shining aspect of the episode was the continuation of the tradition of setting Dwight’s hopes up for taking over the office…and then dashing them. It so needs to be done routinely…to save him from himself. He can’t be a leader…it would be his destruction…and the destruction of his co-workers. (“Good-bye Kelly Kapoor.”) Oh…and let me say…I want more than anything to earn some Schrute Bucks…or even some Stanley Nickels (because, you know, they are as comparable as Unicorns to Leprechauns).

This episode also featured classic Micheal Scott: selling his condo on eBay before getting the new job…getting back with Jan because of her “boob enhancement”…then gallantly, though begrudgingly, taking care of her when she finally collapsed on herself like a dying star after being fired and saying she could move in with him because he would back out of the sale of his condo…even though his ratings as an eBay seller would probably go down. Wonderfully destructive stuff. I loved it.

But the best two moments of the night were ones of quiet and sweetness and ease and warmth. The best moments were when Jim found the note from Pam during his interview…which led to the second best moment…his asking Pam for a date with a charm that was as natural as it was romantic…leaving Pam glowing even more.

Perfect ending to a perfect show.

P.S. If I only had one complaint from last night…it’s how Ryan broke up with Kelly. Harsh. (Though I have a feeling it won’t stick.)

P.P.S. However…how awesome will it be to have sleazy Ryan as Michael’s boss now?

P.P.P.S. Finally, there is blog good enough to replace Check it out.

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