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Where I Spent Last Thursday Morning

January 8, 2007


Well, I’ve already begun putting my New Year’s Resolutions into action.

This Sunday I visited a new church…which was nice…except that I was one of only 17 people in the sanctuary (including the preacher, minister of music, and deacons)…and I was the youngest in the room…by at least 30 years. (The pastor was 84…I know because he told me.)

Everyone was nice…and pretty excited to have a new face in the pews. But as lovely as the little church was…I think I’m going to keep looking…until I come across a church with an average age of at least 70.

On the weightloss front, I took a trip to an internist on Jan. 4 for a complete physical and guidance about my weight goals. This was an appointment I set three months ago (that was the soonest I could book an appointment).


Other than having to wear the oh-so stylishly drafty hospital gown (opening to the front) and getting walked in on when I was mid-pee giving my urine specimen in a cup (I now need therapy)…the appointment went great. The doctor gave me some hope about the hair on my chinny chin chin…and she recommended a nutritionist for me to see (scheduled for Feb. 13…again, that was the soonest I could be taken).

Until then, I’m trying my best to eat healthy and not eat any fast food or take out at all.

So far, I’ve gone on a Flavor Adventure at lunch…


And…for the first time in my entire life…cooked fish…SAL-mon!


(Please don’t gag at the above picture…it was a Southern Living recipe for salmon topped with homemade salsa…a mistake I will NEVER repeat…as long as I live.)

I hate fish…unless it comes in fried or stick form. However, my doctor said I have to start working it into my diet for a healthier heart and such.

The salmon was okay…but still pretty fishy. I managed to gag down a servng of salsa through one meal…then promptly chucked the leftovers in the garbage. It was disgusting, which was pretty upsetting considering how much chopping and shucking (yes, I shucked the corn and cut it from the cob…so it’d be fresh) and peeling and cooking went into it.


I’ve also tried to be more active…but I know I need to do better.

I walked Sadie on Friday afternoon for 20 minutes and stayed busy all weekend…which meant I slept better (because I was actually tired).

Oh…one important note…after my EKG…blood and urine sampling…physical exam…and having my blood pressure taken three times…the doctor said that all my numbers are good…except my blood pressure. This came as no surprise to me as my blood pressure has always been high and hypertension runs in my family. Nonetheless…I’m now on blood pressure medication. The good news is there is a possibility that I can get off of it once I lose weight.

About the Monkbot Weightloss Plan…I put a lot of thought into it this weekend and this is what I determined…

I’m not going to put a plan in action for everyone. It’s not realistic.

What I am going to do is post my progress as I work toward my goal. In these posts, those who are working to loose weight can share their progress as well in the comment section.

I hope this will work for everyone…as it’s all I can offer. My mind has to be on ME right now…I really want to get healthy and, if possible, get OFF this medication.

So…everyone…spill…how are you doing on your healthy lifestyle? Any good recipes (I need low sodium ones, please)? Any ideas for activities? Successes from anyone yet? Setbacks?

Let me hear it!