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T-Shirts…Get Your T-Shirts!

September 8, 2006


At the request of a some of my readers…I have created four fun T-shirts just for the Soul Patrol/Monkbot Division (and anybody else who wants to plunk down the greenbacks).From the classic “shoot. blow. holster.” (at right) to the infamous “All Skate. Everybody Skate.”, these shirts capture some of those classic Taylor moments that have drawn him even nearer and dearer to our hearts. (Thanks to DD for all the ideas.)

To view the shirts, visit And be sure to check back later next week for the unveiling of the official “Soul Patrol/Monkbot Division” logo T-shirt (which is being designed by my very hip….very cool…very talented graphic designer brother, Ben (that is, unless he procrastinates…then I’ll have to drive to Memphis and kick his ass).

Please note I’ve added a permanent link to Cafe Press at the bottom of the sidebar at right. Oh…and I’m totally shameless in trying to gain readership…so be sure to let other folks know to come to TALK! to get their shirts! (As Elliott would sing…”I’m E-VILLL!”)

Sale of these shirts is strictly for fun. I’m not profitting in any way (except for the joy of knowing that I’ve brought a smile to your face and silly saying to your chest). I did this to keep the prices as low as possible…well that and the fact that I don’t need more of a headache come tax time.

So…go…find the shirt(s) that best describes the Taylor inside you…buy it…and wear it with pride!