Mad Monkbot HTML Skillz


Okay, so this is more boring housekeeping, folks…but it’s a necessary evil.

I just wanted to provide a little information for folks using the comments feature of this blog.

For information and codes on using HTML in your comments following the instructions above for the basics or click here if you want to take on more advanced options.

Often-times we want to share website addresses with others on the blog. However, sometimes those addresses can get rather long and unwieldy…and these long addresses create problems for the blog template…causing the comment section to get a little “wonky” looking. A brief hotlink solves this problem and allows fellow bloggers to be able to click right to the information you want to share…instead of having to highlight, copy, and paste the address in a browser address bar. All in all…hotlinks are not only helpful…they are courteous.

However, if you find the coding for hotlinks to be too much to handle, at least take the time to visit Tiny URL. This site is GREAT. It allows you to paste a really long address in one window, click a button, and get a very abbreviated address to use in its place.

I hope this answers any questions you have about basic html coding, but if not, let me know. I’ll try to give you more clarity.


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