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Why My Dentist and Dora Kick @$$

August 31, 2006

I’ll explain these bizarro pictures later in the post.

I know y’all are tired of hearing about my on-going oral saga…but I had to share with you about my return trip to the dentist today…because things are going GREAT!

I went to see Dr. Roger Wirtz and his assistant, Dora, to have more cavities filled and to be fitted for the mouthguard that will keep me from clenching my teeth at night.

Last week, you may remember that I complained about my cave tooth (my new crown)…but suffice it to say…Dr. Wirtz worked his gray-haired magic! The cave tooth is now GONE! I can eat my pumpkin/flax seed cereal with a smile on my face!

And if that wasn’t good enough…he and Dora (who is a total sweetheart)…told me they were actually happy to see me.

Happy to see ME! Ha. (If only they knew what a pain in the ass I really am. Right?)

The sweet part was that it wasn’t just a pleasantry…they really meant it. They explained that it had been a long day with some difficult cases and they were happy to have someone normal to close the day.

(Ha…at me being called normal.)

But I think the best part of what I learned at the dentist is this…

No matter what any of you say…my dentist has officially declared that I, Shelley Powers, do NOT have a big mouth…I actually have a very small mouth, thank you very much.

Okay…shut-up your laughing before I kick all of ya!

To prove that he’s right (and to give y’all another reason to laugh) I decided to display those lovely pictures at the top of this post. They are from 7th and 8th grade (mid 80s)…before and after braces.

As you can see…big teeth…little mouth…totally disgusting! That’ll teach folks to wait until after lunch to read my blog!

I’ve been dealing with teeth issues for a long time. I’m just glad to have found such wonderful folks to help me with my dental woes now. Both Dr. Wirtz and Dora were actually so very sweet (and…gentle) that I had to confess that I had been blogging about them.

So…all of y’all be good…Dr. Wirtz and Dora may be lurking.

Oh…and I’m fully ready for y’all to rip on the photos. I know you’re dying to…so knock yourselves out.