Monkbot Manifesto


Okay…so this is more of a Monkbot Memo than a Manifesto…but I feel a little clarity is called for on the matter of the Monkbot.

Way back in another life (that would be May 2006), Gray Charles posted the now classic (infamous?) “Monkey vs. Robot” theory. With that post, the discussion and analogy began of Taylor Hicks being the untamable, irrepressible, enigmatic monkey, and not a predictable, programmable, automated robot.

I found it to be one of my favorite discussions at Gray’s place.

Well, then one day, not long ago (that would be August 2006), I was blogging here with my fellow Taylor fans, Bamaborntxbred, and Double D.

And things (as they often do here) got a little silly and sarcastic in the comment section of a rather bizarre post about urinals (stay with me folks…I am getting to the point of this Manifesto…er…Memo).

With our tongues planted squarely in our cheeks…we began audaciously declaring Taylor’s perfection…and the question arose…”Well, isn’t Taylor the monkey? Not the robot?”

It didn’t us take long to conclude…he’s actually the best of both…he’s the Monkbot.

So, we embraced the concept heartily (and a few posts later in the comments, the Monkbot Division was actually formed).

Now, by this point, you may be wondering…am I a Monkbot?

Well, let me ask you this?

Are you a member of or participant in any of the following?

The “Official Soul Patrol,”Gray Charles, The AI Boards, The Boogie Board, The Glitter Nazis, The Fangirls, The Milkies, Vote for the Worst, Hicks Chicks, The Couchies, The Soul Patrol Relief, or any other official or unofficial division of the Soul Patrol or the Daughtry Gang, the E-Train, the Kat Pack, the Red States, the Blue States, the U.S., the World, etc…

If you are…you’re in luck…you’re a potential Monkbot!

As a matter of fact, a Monkbot is anyone who appreciates good conversation; a dash of silliness; a strong sense of humor (about self and life in general); a little irreverence; a lot of snark; a helping of human kindness; dollops of pop culture, television, music, and movies; stupid stories about my personal follies and my dog; and a bit of self-deprecation…oh…and, if possible…a healthy portion smidgen of Taylor Hicks.

This site was inspired by Gray Charles and Taylor Hicks.

But it’s really about…well…me.

I write about what interests Shelley Powers…a girl with a dog who has a strong sense of the ridiculous, a passion for pop culture, and an insatiable appetite to blab and to gab.

So, if any of this sounds like fun to you…I’d love for you to join us here. You’re formally invited to be a Monkbot.

You don’t have to comment…but, if you do, I only ask require that you are considerate of others and that you put heart and thought into what you want to say. This blog is designed to stimulate conversations…not just comments. Discussions are a vital part of Monkbot Talk. We don’t always have to agree…just as long as we respect one another. (Oh, and I think Taylor is absolutely adorably cute…but I cringe at “thudding,” “squees,” and…shudder…”the onion”…so don’t use such verbiage…or your comment will be deleted.)

As you lurk or comment here…you’ll find there is room for all. Monkbots are a friendly lot and…as a reward for your well-thought out comments, there is the Official Prize of the Day (a silly or sexy picture awarded daily by me for comments I find entertaining/humorous/insightful/whatever).

UPDATE : Though Monkbot seems like a Taylor Hicks fansite…it’s not. I love Taylor, but I love me more. This site is not It is not an official site of anything. I will ban folks who don’t play nice. I do edit comments. I do close comments when I feel I need a break. Everyone here should be aware that this site is visited by people of all ages and spiritual backgrounds and, therefore, I do not tolerate vulgarity or obscenity either in comments or with links to videos or images. And…last but not least…I don’t want every conversation to dwindle down to talks about Taylor Hicks. I’ve been there and done that…and am now past that. We have posts about Taylor from time to time…I think that gives plenty opportunity to talk about the silver-haired man.

SECOND UPDATE: I’ve decided to try a little experiment to keep me from losing my mind and to keep control over my site. I plan to close the comments on each day’s post by 6 p.m. (CST). I realize this will cut down on site traffic and time for people to comment…but…in all honesty…I want to enjoy my evenings again…and don’t want to have to do more than write a new post (if I choose to).

So, that about wraps up the Manifesto…dammit, I mean, the Memo.

I hope it cleared things up…or at least amused you somewhat.

And I hope you’ll return to Monkbot Talk, because with Taylor on tour, Traveling Monkbot out in the vast world, American Idol in full swing, the intrigue of the Jim/Pam/Karen love triangle of “The Office”…and with me always seeming to find cornball things to share about my day-to-day…I can’t think of a better time to be a Monkbot.

Viva le Monkbot!


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