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What Would You Say?

November 29, 2006


So I peeked into Monkbot Chatter from last night and saw an exchange between Squeebee and Pamela that I thought was interesting.

Of COURSE we ALL would have liked to have won the phone call Gray Charles offered as a prize to one lucky Soul Patroller for Taylor Hicks’ album sales reaching the Top 5 on Amazon.

But, sadly enough, there could only be one winner…congrats to HicksKicks.

However, getting back to last night’s chat, Pamela asked, “How many SP’ers wondered what they would say?”

I thought it was a pretty fun question (plus, I have to admit…blushes…I had wondered what I would have said).

So, to all my Monkbots…IN ALL SERIOUSNESS (read: no fangirly comments, please)…what WOULD you say/ask/discuss with Taylor if you had a chance to talk with him on the phone for a few minutes?