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What’s It Like To Be Famous For A Year?

May 23, 2007

This question was posed by Fox News in an online interview. So, is that all Taylor gets? One year? Does Taylor’s journey end tonight? And what’s with the quote “You gotta screen your getters and screen your givers?”

“Blake might have a shot at the 100 dollars” (Taylor spills on the size of the AI winners prize)

For reference:
Kelly Clarkson = all over the news
Ruben Studdard/Clay Aiken = non-existent (don’t argue with me because I’m right)
Fantasia = moderate because of Oprah, otherwise, non-existent
Carrie = all over the news

Of course, this is pop culture news I’m talking about. Not the real fake news like the Daily Show.

UPDATE: Last night Stephen Colbert declared that he was voting for Taylor as a write-in for American Idol because he didn’t believe in term limits. (Guest Blogger Inside Scoop: Yes, the producers of the Colbert report have been approached about Taylor appearing on the show.)