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Five Card Cheesy Stud

June 14, 2007

Okay…here’s the game.

In my hand I hold five cheesy studs. I’m going to call and see if anyone can top them.

To beat my hand…your studs have to be cheesier…and have, at some point in modern pop culture history (since the 70s) been considered a “stud.”

Everyone will chime in to vote on who gives the cheesiest hand as the game goes along. A stud card can be stolen no more than three times…so READ ALL THE COMMENTS BEFORE SHOWING YOUR HAND. Hands dealt with studs who have already been bet three times will have to fold.

Also, no hand can have more than one stolen stud…or you’ll have to fold.

Only bet five studs at a time. And you must allow at least four other players to take part before you bet again!

All studs mentioned must be hotlinked to a picture or video (see Mad Monkbot HTML Skillz page for refresher on hotlinking). If you don’t link to pictures…you must forfeit your hand.

Do NOT link to nudie or offensive pictures or videos or I will stop the game immediately.

If you steal a cheesy stud for your hand…your photo or video MUST be cheesier than the hand you stole it from!

One last rule…if you don’t want to play and instead want to share some tidbit about something totally not related to the game…kindly don’t. There are plenty of other boards to talk about all different kinds of things. If you really must chat about something unrelated…use the stinkin’ chat feature!

Takes a deep breath, smooths ruffled feathers, and smiles sweetly once more…

Now…for some fun.

Fridays are usually pretty slow around here…so I’m really not expecting this to work great…but we won’t know if we don’t try. Here goes.

I call…

One Scott Baio

One Leif Garrett

One David Cassidy

One Ryan Seacrest

and One Fabio

Who can beat that?

P.S. There is one wild card that I won’t name, but if someone uses it…they will win the Official Prize of the Day.