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And We Have a Winner…

January 18, 2007

Grilled Tilapia!

Y’all…thanks for the advice. This fish was GREAT. All I did was squeeze fresh lemon and sprinkle with pepper before cooking it in my George Foreman Grill. On the side, I had steamed broccoli and red potatoes. A little butter and salt to taste…and voila!

By the way, though I’m not exercising (doctor said to not undergo strenuous activity until my blood pressure is down), I have lost 9 pounds in about two and a half weeks. I attribute this to avoiding restaurants and take-out. (And going to bed with my stomach growling…ha.)


As for last night’s American Idol…I love Blake the Beat Box Guy!

Shamalee and Sunjia (I know I screwed up spelling)…brother and sister…absolutely adorable!

Oh and to Simon for telling that girl to put her gum on Taylor’s face…jerk.

P.S. For whatever reason…I have a HUGE crush on Ryan Seacrest after these first two days of AI. Is that wrong?

I headed over to Gray’s chat after Idol and met up with Squee and Tex there. We were all gabbing about the long string of bizarre and, seemingly, mentally challenged folks AI has highlighted so far in auditions and how the judges seem to be even more cruel this year than in years past.

I said that one day Randy, Simon, and even Paula would have to answer for their mockery of these people.

Texan said that, even though it’s mean…sometimes you just gotta laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

I said I agreed…but that I always feel guilty for laughing.

And our little Tex replied simply with “humor guilt.”

I thought this was a pretty brilliant term and wanted to throw it out to all my Monkbots to discuss.

What are your thoughts on the mean-spiritedness of the show this year? Is AI exploiting these “slow” folks who come out to audition? Or do these folks deserve such treatment simply because they have enough wherewithal to audition?

Personally…I think it’s on the side of exploitation. You never see the average kid singing poorly and getting pummelled by Simon. It’s usually the slightly stupid or oddly put-together slob that gets torn to shreds.

What do y’all think?