Monkbot on a Stick

As requested…I’ve created a Monkbot head that is suitable for printing and mounting on a stick to take to concerts. Simply click here and print onto an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock. You may want to laminate and cut-out the head before mounting it on a stick (a paint stirrer should work nicely). Take it to Taylor concerts…heck, take it to the next piano recital you attend (that should be fun)! You can even let your Monkbot on a Stick join you in a photo-op with Taylor…or your mayor…or your boss at the next Christmas party. The point is…have fun with it! And be sure to send me your pics.


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    […] If you’ll look over to your right, you’ll see a permanent page for the Monkbot on a Stick. […]

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