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Whiskey and Mold

May 5, 2007

Whiskey and Mold


My brother, Ben, thinks I’m insane and told me to post about what I’ve been doing this week…so…here goes…

I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning earlier this week and wasn’t prepared to leave there hurting more than when I had when I got my git tooth repaired (which was the reason the dental mold pictured above was made).

The dental assistant said I had gingivitis (gross) and that I needed to floss. Well, truth be told, I’ve never been a big flosser…so I wasn’t sure that’s why this cleaning was so painful.

However, I’ve always been fastidious with brushing and swishing/gargling with Listerine (or Dr. Tichenor’s)…which I think has kept my gums fairly healthy and, since I’ve been out of mouthwash for a month and keep forgetting to buy more, I think my cleaning was painful because of that.

So…until I could get to the store…I’ve been using Jack Daniel’s this week as a mouthwash and just keeping the fifth on my vanity in my bathroom.

When I told Ben, he read me the riot act.

“Shelley, there’s just something really wrong with that.”

“Well…it’s killing germs…and it’s not like I’ve been doing it for years…just until I can get to the store.”

“You’re a moron.”

“Thank you. I know.”

So…there, I’ve posted. Now I’ve got to run some errands…PetSmart, Sally’s Beauty Supply, and…oh yeah…the drug store for some non-moron mouthwash.

Have a great Saturday, y’all.

P.S. I promise to start flossing, too…so LAY OFF ME ABOUT IT!